Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kingman Turquoise Mines, Kingman, AZ

KINGMAN TURQUOISE - All of Twitterbird's Blue and Green Turquoise comes from the Kingman Mines in Kingman, AZ. Our larger deep blue Turquoise is from the Ithaca Mine.
KingmanThe Kingman mine in northwestern Arizona was one of the largest turquoise mines in North America. The terms "Kingman" or "high blue" refer to the blue color usually displayed in this stone. It has become a color standard in the industry. The mine became famous for its rounded, bright blue nuggets with black matrix. Few turquoise mines produced nuggets, especially of this quality. Old natural Kingman Turquoise is rare. The Colbaugh's own this mine and the Turquoise Mountain mine, their company name is Colbough Processing. They have recently gone back into the section of the Kingman mine and are digging and bringing out some new Natural Kingman Turquoise.
Ithaca PeakThe Ithaca Peak mine is located in northwestern Arizona above the Kingman mine. The Ithaca Peak mine is famous for its beautiful blue with pyrite matrix. This material is outstanding. It is owned and operated by the Colbaugh's. It is fairly rare to get good Ithaca Peak as main production is focused on Turquoise Mountain. When you do get good Ithaca Peak it is very pricey!

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